4 Guys On Sports

Understanding the Chicago sports scene is a lot like figuring out Tiger Woods as he is about to leave a bar. Will he retire with the smokin’ hot team he would be proud to leave the bar with that night (Blackhawks)? What about the one that Tiger would take home to meet his mom but might not feel like showing off to his golfin’ buddies (Bulls)? How about the one that he would totally sleep with because he is Tiger Woods and that is what he does (Bears), or the one that he would pound a few beers before he slept with because, well he is Tiger Woods and that is also what he does (White Sox)? Finally there is always that one cutie that Tiger just knows he would love to spend the rest of his life with even though deep down he figures she will probably text his wife some naked pictures of her and end up destroying his life (Cubs). Nine out of ten times, if Tiger is anything like the typical Chicago sports fan, he is picking that cutie Cub-girl and then suffering through the next 9 months wondering why he just had to pick another life-crushing loser.

As you can see, discussing the sports “girls” in this city is about as easy as Alfonso Soriano running down a routine fly in left at Wrigley, but if you have ever lived in a city that does not care about sports, or Cleveland, you know that it is much better to have loved and lost than to have ever loved the Cubs.

And we love the Cubs.

So if you enjoy pondering sports, sharing celebrity gossip, debating the political landscape or just spending a work day doing anything but your job, check out our blog.


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